Nathan Gaub of Yakima Washington claims on his LinkedIn site that “Nathan Gaub w/his brother, Dan have created a UNSURPASSED system of forex trading”. Nathan is also asking for donations on his site for the “DAN GAUB MEMORIAL FUND”.  Nathan claims that Dan Gaub helped start “this ministry” we assume Ken Gaub Ministry because that is where the funds go once you click the paypal link. Nathan also states  “We are going on with the concepts that Dan believed in”.
What we do know is Dan believed in lies. He made up people that do not exist. Dan bilked investors out of tens of millions of dollars.  We have been able to determine this for a fact. Dan Gaubs home was raided by the FBI earlier this year.  Dan Gaub gambled millions of dollars of victim’s money away and blew them on luxury items, cars, boats, trips, fine dining.
Dawndee Gaub has asked that any expenses they have put out to help clean up this mess to come out of the pockets of victims first, before the victims will ever see a dime.  Dawndee Gaub convinced friends of hers to invest with her husband. Dawndee Gaub was not licensed, she never gave the victims a prospectus, nor did she check to see if they were accredited.  She had people put all of their life savings into her husband’s scam machine. Those people lost every dime. Dawndee Gaub so far has refused to offer any apology to the hurting victims.
Nathan Gaub says he has saw no proof his brother did any wrong.  Nathan continues to believe in his own mind that his brother and he created an unsurpassed system of trading.  To date, Nathan Gaub refuses to show proof the system is anything more than just another scam.  Nathan Gaub refuses to show the “millionaires” that his brother Dan Gaub claimed he created for this system.  We have a extremely high alert on Nathan Gaub. If you are to do any business with this person, proceed forward with caution!