Have you been a victim of fraud from Dan Gaub in Yakima Washington ?

Yakima WA- Dan Gaub scammed and defrauded hundreds of people all over the USA and abroad from tens of millions of dollars.  The facts are becoming very clear.   He committed suicide.  It was not an accident.  If you have lost money or know someone that knew Dan Gaub and they lost money, get a hold of us today.  Many of you will think this can not be true and trusted Dan Gaub as a loving, kind and giving person.  He was a crook, a thief and liar.  He had no truth in him.  He made up stories of people that were his lawyers, friends and advisers and information from reliable sources have confirmed these people are no where to be found.  The money is no where to be found.  That we know is a fact.  One need only ask those that were his family if that is true.  If he was so smart, why did he not have one file or account sheet for folks he had money with?  Ask them if they can show one shred of proof there was any over seas accounts or any other accounts that have their funds in it.  How about the phone numbers of any of his contacts.  One that could PROVE OUT where your money is.  Not just a “Oh I am sure we will find it”  or “its being worked on”.  No, moment of truth, WHERE IS THE MONEY?  Facts not words.   Dan Gaub was a scam artist that lived a life where people respected him and felt he was almost a God. He was a con man that lived the high life off other peoples money.   His family lived high on the Hog from your hard earned dollars and that is in fact the truth of truth!