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We are giving a very high recommendation to this dentist. We have never given a recommendation to a dental office before, but when in need while in the Yakima Area, we were able to get top service and decided to do a mention of this Dentist. Dr. Nicolas Reep, DDS. Well worth giving this office a try for your family dental health. We have added information we were able to confirm on other happy patients.
Great Dental Experience! by christik
I (like many) do not like going to the dentist! However, after almost 2 years of not going because I was not happy with my previous dentist, I decided to give Reep Family Dental a try because I had heard really great things about Dr. Reep and his staff. They were right! The hygenist, office staff and dental assistants I have dealt with have all been great! They don’t give you guilt trips about dental care or talk over your head. Dr. Reep will take time to explain things to you in great detail so you understand what is going on and he is there to answer all your questions. You don’t feel rushed and you feel like he really cares about your experience and not just the bill you will be paying. If you are looking for a great dental experience, I highly recommend Reep Family Dental!
Very family friendly. My kids love it here! by Reckin
ReepFamilyDental by Linda K -
From the time I walk into their reception room until the time I walk out I always feel like the only person in that office. I always receive a friendly greeting by name; always very warm and personable; like “one of the family”. I always receive a very thorough teeth cleaning, a very caring dentist who always informs me of each step he is taking in treating your teeth and easy to understand post operative instruction. At one time I had a veneer done and the dentist was very adamant I keep my appointment to seat my veneer and explained the reason why; my temporary fit so well and stayed in place while waiting for the permanent.
I highly recommend Reep Family Dental.
Reep Family Dental is an AMAZING family friendly dental office!!! I would never go anywhere else. by Chas -

They have bent over backwards to meet my needs as well as my children’s dental needs. The kids love going there and have zero anxiety now about the dentist. I have switched over the years several times and would never go to another dental office again. They are wonderful.

I love them! by Bethy – It is so nice to go into an office and they know your name and remember everything about you. I just saw Dr. Reep and family at the fair and they stopped to say hi and remembered our names. I love going to this dentist.

The best dentist experience ever! by JB@Dex -
For a dentist office they have a great atmosphere. They make you feel very comfortable. The staff is very friendly and knowledgeable. I thought I would never say it but I really don’t mind going to the dentist anymore.

Be sure to search for Dan Gaub Victims on facebook.com

Our group along with other victim advocacy organizations have been alerted  that the victims and  friends, family and supporters of the victims of the Dan Gaub Scam have put together a site for updates, evidence, talk discussions and more to take place.  Go to DAN GAUB VICTIMS on facebook.com
and make a friend request.  I understand they will allow you in and you can stay updated and net work with other victims of Dan, Dawndee, Ken and Nathan Gaub.


Dawndee claimed in the below youtube link to have with Dan Gaub started the Star Five Foundation (WE she says).The Star Five Foundation was a scam and never did any of the things they claimed.  It was a sham from day one. Victims gave money and Dan and Dawndee used funds  they got from victims to be the vessel you see in the youtube piece.  Dawndee and Dan gave two million to Jourdan Gaub.  Dan bragged he gave millions to his father Ken Gaubs ministries.  Dawndee Gaub was able to con her friends into giving their life savings to Dan to “Invest” for them. All the money has disappeared.  Dawndee Gaub was not licensed nor did she advise any of the victims of the risk!





This was sent into us and we are issuing an ALERT!  BE CAREFUL.
Anytime someone offers you this kind of return, ask some questions:

1) Are you licensed to sell this?

2) Where is your prospectus?

3) Do you determine if people are accredited investors?

If the answer to any of these questions are no, RUN!  Here is more on what they are claiming below:

Join My Felmina Alliance Team earn up to 2.1% Daily!! No recruiting or sponsoring required
Send in your Resume and Become a Felmina Alliance Representative and earn commissions 3 levels down
Our business model is really simple. Investors entrust us with their funds; we, in turn, trade them in a wide variety of investment tools – both online and offline – to provide the yield way above the market. The slogan we stand by at Felmina Alliance is ‘Taking your Investment Forward’. These words sum up the philosophy that lies in the foundation of our company and affects our customers, employees, and business partners alike. By doing everything there is to be done to efficiently take your investment forward, we make sure that we can be proud of who we are and what we do every day.
Many people believe that investment is an activity that is well out of their reach. Our team is dedicated to fix this misunderstanding. We are a team of professional traders, market analysts, legal advisors, Internet security experts, and customer service representatives.
In the effort to ensure a seamless customer experience, we have striven to make our website simple and easy to navigate, yet extremely efficient. Through your member account you can make your investments, withdraw interest you have earned, and manage your referrals. Our skilled customer service representatives are trained to assist customers with all their needs. They are available via e-mail, live chat and phone.


Sharon Kleyne hired the below man to raise millions of dollars for her water operation.  Many are claiming they have been scammed and lied to about what they were promised.  We are asking all victims to come together and advise us ASAP if you are a victim.  If you  have paid money to Sharon Kleyne.  Please advise us ASAP!  We are gathering stories and victims together for a national story and a class action suit. 




Do not trust Gary Crammer AKA Gary Neil Cramer.  He has been alleged by victims of ripping off millions of dollars from  all over the USA. He has made many promises he has not kept. Cease and desist orders are in place!   Accused of rape,  drunk driving and sent to jail.  Gary has developed a reputation of one of the most UN-trusted men in the USA!!  We are issuing one of our highest alerts on this alleged scam artist!  Look at just some of these links we found:







Do not trust Gary Crammer AKA Gary Neil Cramer.  He has been alleged by victims of ripping off millions of dollars from  all over the USA. He has made many promises he has not kept. Cease and desist orders are in place!   Accused of rape,  drunk driving and sent to jail.  Gary has developed a reputation of one of the most UN-trusted men in the USA!!  We are issuing one of our highest alerts on this alleged  scam artist!  Look at just some of these links we found:







Nathan Gaub of Yakima Washington claims on his LinkedIn site that “Nathan Gaub w/his brother, Dan have created a UNSURPASSED system of forex trading”. Nathan is also asking for donations on his site for the “DAN GAUB MEMORIAL FUND”.  Nathan claims that Dan Gaub helped start “this ministry” we assume Ken Gaub Ministry because that is where the funds go once you click the paypal link. Nathan also states  “We are going on with the concepts that Dan believed in”.
What we do know is Dan believed in lies. He made up people that do not exist. Dan bilked investors out of tens of millions of dollars.  We have been able to determine this for a fact. Dan Gaubs home was raided by the FBI earlier this year.  Dan Gaub gambled millions of dollars of victim’s money away and blew them on luxury items, cars, boats, trips, fine dining.
Dawndee Gaub has asked that any expenses they have put out to help clean up this mess to come out of the pockets of victims first, before the victims will ever see a dime.  Dawndee Gaub convinced friends of hers to invest with her husband. Dawndee Gaub was not licensed, she never gave the victims a prospectus, nor did she check to see if they were accredited.  She had people put all of their life savings into her husband’s scam machine. Those people lost every dime. Dawndee Gaub so far has refused to offer any apology to the hurting victims.
Nathan Gaub says he has saw no proof his brother did any wrong.  Nathan continues to believe in his own mind that his brother and he created an unsurpassed system of trading.  To date, Nathan Gaub refuses to show proof the system is anything more than just another scam.  Nathan Gaub refuses to show the “millionaires” that his brother Dan Gaub claimed he created for this system.  We have a extremely high alert on Nathan Gaub. If you are to do any business with this person, proceed forward with caution!

US Victim denied access to case record by German Prosecutors Office.

US Victim denied access to case record by German Prosecutors Office.

Hamburg, Germany – August 28, 2012

 The public prosecutor’s office in Hamburg, Germany has denied a claim by a United States fraud victim, to review the case file andrecover any assets seized in the case.

In the summer of 2007, the US victim in this case was contacted by the Hamburg, Germany police department regarding a $44,000 wire transfer  he sent to a Dresdner Bank in Germany. The detective instructed the victim that he was working on a money laundering scheme and that the monies sent in the wire transfer were part of that investigation. The detective sent the US victim documents to complete and return in which he did. The US victim had not been advised of any further developments in the investigation, specifically of an arrest, conviction and the recovery of funds the victim may be entitled to.

On March 24, 2012 the victim became aware of  an arrest and conviction that was made in this investigation and that a large amount of funds were recovered. The victim sent a correspondence to the Hamburg prosecutor’s office requesting a claim form – regarding any monies the victim might be entitled to and a copy of the case file to gain additional leads in the fraud he was victim to. In all the victim lost $ 318,000 in  what is known as a “Nigerian 419” scam.

On June 12, 2012 the Hamburg prosecutor’s office responded and said, “Your fax of 22 May 2012, I have received. In it you ask for support and help in the recovery of the US victim’s mislaid property. Unfortunately, I fail to see how I can help you to be there, especially since you ask, no concrete support. The offenders were sentenced here, the file is closed. I am sorry I cannot help you.”

Ongoing requests for information on the status of funds recovered and a copy of the case file (the victim offered to pay to have this completed) have been ignored.

  Why was this US victim not advised of the arrest and conviction of suspects in this matter? Why was the US victim not provided a claim form to request any funds he/she was legally entitled to? Why is the public prosecutor reluctant to provide a copy of the investigation to the US victim, it should be a matter of public record? Most significantly, what happened to the money?

It should be a simple matter to assign a clerk to recover the case file and copy it, then request the US victim to pay for that cost and the postage associated with it. Furthermore, it would also be a simple matter to provide an accounting of the funds recovered and how they were disbursed – if they were disbursed.

Baron Haghighi is at it again! Beware of this con man!

A high alert is being placed on con man Baron Haghighi! It was announced today that Mr. Haghighi is back to his same old ways! He was in lock up at McNeil Island in the state of Washington. His inmate number was 721125. After that , he was sent to Coyote Ridge Correctional to serve time for numerous felonies for taking victims for hundreds of thousands of dollars with no remorse at all! After his release he hired different individuals to make up stories of how he is a billionaire and has tons of funds in Zurich Switzerland. He also claims to be a silent partner at shipit.com and not one person there has heard of him. Baron formed some type of scam operation by the name of New Millennium International Enterprises Corp, UBI 601 888 463. Please get in contact with us if you or someone you know has had contact with Baron N. Haghighi. Do not try to confront him on your own. Leave it up to law enforcement once you alert them as to who he is.




Team Now Operating in Florida & Texas . A 79 year old resident of New Jersey has been identified as the victim of fraud perpetuated upon him by Joseph “Joe” Frank Britton Sr, Joseph “Frank” Britton III, Dennis Timpe and Francine Britton (now deceased).    The investigation shows between September 2008 and December of 2010, the victim invested Nine Hundred and Fifty-Eight Thousand Dollars in a company called GlobalTec Energy Corp.     Joseph F. Britton of Holiday, Florida is listed as GTEC’s CEO; he is also listed as GlobalTec Intellectual Properties (GTIP) CEO.   Frank Britton of Wesley Chapel, Florida is listed as Associate/Consultant with GTEC.  Investigators found Joe Britton sold the victim stock in a series of shell corporations, which existed only on paper.

    In April of 2008 the victim was contacted by Dennis Timpe, a broker with TD and Associates, Inc., Yorba Linda California. Timpe recommended GlobalTec Intellectual Properties/GlobalTec Energy Corp as a good investment opportunity.   Timpe specifically referenced GlobalTec earnings for clients investing more than $25,000 in NRG Corporations. Among the materials found after the victims death was a joint “Press Release” from Dennis Timpe & Global Intellectual Properties Corp (GTIP), inviting “clients” an opportunity to receive a Confidential White Paper on “Owning A Natural Gas Company”.  On July 23rd, 2007 T.D. & Associates, Inc. & Dennis Timpe were issued a “Desist & Refrain Order” by the State of California for violations of sections 25110 and 35401 of the California Corporations Code.   In April, 2005 the Alabama Securities Commission issued a Cease and Desist Order against T.D. & Associates, Inc. & Dennis Timpe in connection with oil & gas investments.  In November of 1998 the State of Wisconsin issued an order prohibiting Dennis Timpe and T.D. & Associates, Inc. from offering or selling securities unless registered in that state.  Wisconsin authorities found five prior orders involving alleged violations of securities laws issued by regulatory agencies in the states of Maine, Montana, Minnesota and Pennsylvania against T.D. & Associates, Inc. and Dennis Timpe.

    Shortly after Timpe contacted the victim Joseph Britton began calling the victim encouraging him to invest in GTIP’s new business model, purchasing a Black Gold “NRG” oil company from GlobalTec Intellectual Properties.
    From September 23, 2008 through January 29, 2010 -GTIP/GTEC sold five “NRG” Corporations to the victim for $258,000.  The corporations were registered in The Commonwealth of Virginia; Francine Britton was listed as the resident agent.

    A review of the investment transactions the victim made after January 29, 2010 shows a different investment pattern.  The victim’s poor health and age allowed Joseph & Frank Britton to gain his trust, and to take advantage of that trust. Using a myriad of shell companies & structures the Britton’s were able to entice the victim to invest in, High-Side Oil & Gas Production Purchases which were reported to be lucrative but with a higher risk. 
From April 10, 2010 to December 9th, 2010 the victim was pressured by Joe & Frank Britton to invest $ 700,000 in this fraudulent investment scheme.     To support the scheme, in 2009 GlobalTec Energy Corp began sending the victim checks reported as earnings on his various NRG Corporations.   A total of $77,608.94 was paid to the victim as earnings on investments by Global Tech Intellectual Properties and GlobalTec Energy Corporation, which is typical in what is commonly known as a “Ponzi” investment scheme.

    A Doctor who cared for the elderly victim described his condition during this period stated, “Based on his poor physical health, he would not have been able to participate in complicated business transactions.”    The allegations are that the Britton’s were very much aware of the victims declining health and used it to further take advantage of the man.

    GlobalTec is a privately held company, in order to complete their obligations under the contracts they signed with the victim they would have to contracts with other partners or own lease rights to oil and gas production sites.  GlobalTec Energy Corp is not known in the oil & gas industry, no contracts or vendors were found and GlobalTec Energy Corporation does not own lease rights to oil and gas production sites. 
     GlobalTec Energy Corps original web page listed 1225 Banks Ridge Road, Tazewell, VA. as its corporate address.  The phone number listed was 276-472-2122 (now disconnected).    The property at 1225 Banks Ridge Road was sold in a Trustees sale on 12-15-2011.  GlobalTec Energy Corp now lists its address as 3125 Shipwatch Drive, Holiday, FL. Phone 727-934-7179.
    Joseph Britton advertises himself as an executive with 30 years experience as an independent financial and business consultant. He lists no experience in the gas and oil business.  However, he is listed as the CEO of GTIP, GlobalTec Energy Corp and the Business Manager of Enerops LLC (an oil & gas operating company in the State of Oklahoma.  Enerops LLC., advertises that it operates leases and wells owned by GlobalTec Energy Corp, in the State of Oklahoma.  Enerops LLC. is registered as a Domestic LLC  in Oklahoma. It was formed on 11-12-2008 and lists its address as 908 E. Grand Ave., Tonkawa, OK 74653.   Enerops LLC exists only on paper it does not operate in Oklahoma.
    To date – GlobalTec Energy Corp has not produced evidence showing ownership of wells and/or lease agreements with drilling operators.   The Britton’s paid the victim earnings on his NRG investments from the victims continuing purchases of additional NRG LLC or amended rollover agreements.  When the victim died and the money stopped, GTEC left Virginia

     Joseph Britton is still operating GlobalTec Intellectual Properties Corp. He is now associated with Florida International Funding Group LLC,  International Funding Group LLC- registered in Florida, and a series of Domestic NRG companies; NRG 7061 through NRG 7068 all registered in Texas.  Frank Britton is the sole corporate officer of FB3AJB LLC an active Florida Corporation.  Frank Britton lives with his wife Amy who has a degree in Nursing in Wesley Chapel, Florida and is closely associated with the Wesley Chapel Athletic Association.  He sits on their executive board and coordinates Lacrosse tournaments.
    For additional information about this incident or if you are or know of additional potential victims of the alleged suspects please contact us at:  internationalfraudalert@nym.hush.com